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Robert Bloomfield

Performing Arts

In the Performing Arts Department we recognise the importance of artistic expression in our pursuit of excellence. We provide opportunities for all pupils to be involved within core curriculum and encourage children to take part in our wide range of extra-curricular activities; including whole school productions, gymnastics and dance showcases and dance inter-form competitions.


Our curriculum dance course provides an opportunity to develop dance choreography, performance and appreciation skills through a range of different dance styles at both key stages.


Dance Options
Working alongside our partnership school, we introduce a mini GCSE dance in year 7 and 8 for boys and girls. Throughout this course, pupils are given opportunities to visit local dance schools, evaluate other performances and explore pathways into a dance career.


Our KS2 Drama schemes allow pupils to use creative and imaginative role play situations, pupils can explore their own and others' feelings about a range of cultural and human issues. The children will be required to use a range of skills, acting, directing, problem solving and team building. They also have the opportunity to evaluate their work and the work of others in a range of formats. Pupils are encouraged to use voice, movement, gesture and facial expression as they develop their dramatic skills.


Drama Options
In years 7 and 8 pupils are given the opportunity to take drama options. This gives them the chance to explore a range of theatre studies and to develop their existing skills. In year 8, our drama options group perform pantos to the whole of year 5, pupils write the scripts, direct, and even create their own sound and lighting.