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Robert Bloomfield


The Art Department at Robert Bloomfield encourages all students to work to the best of their ability. Students have the opportunity to work with a large variety of materials while experimenting with a range of techniques related to drawing, print making, sculpture, painting and ceramics. Pupils are introduced to the works of famous artists, craftspeople and Art movements (including Art from other cultures) through a variety of activities.


Students are in mixed ability groups and are taught in half-termly rotations.  Two of these six rotations are Art focused, two  DT, one food and one textiles.  Pupils will have a double (2 hour) lesson each week and are taught in groups of 24.

Year 5

Pupils work on two projects Fish and Gaudi. There is an opportunity to work in clay, mixed media and print. They look at artists and architects including Jason Vincent and Antoni Gaudi.

Year 6

Pupils study two projects during the year. Hundertwasser and Shoes. Pupils experiment with print making, painting and make a shoe inspired pot. They learn about the history of shoes, look at the work of designers and the art/architecture of Hundertwasser.



Pupils have 1 hour of Art a week and are taught in form classes of 30 pupils.

Year 7

Pupils will work on 2 of the following projects:
Mexican Day of the Dead pupils study the festival producing various art work leading up to the making of decorated clay skulls as their final outcome. Gargoyles pupils learn about the history of gargoyles. They also look at the prints of the German Expressionists and work in small groups to produce a papier mache gargoyle. African Bottle Masks pupils look at and research the contemporary bottle masks of Romauld Hazoume and traditional African masks.

Year 8

In the Surrealism project pupils work from observation where possible experimenting with different mediums including pen and wash and biro pen studies which focus on using mark making to show texture.  Pupils develop their sculpting skills further producing a ‘surreal’ ceramic mask. In Year 8 there is also a greater focus on developing pupil’s analytical skills.

During their second project looking at Pop Art, pupils develop their art history knowledge and learn about how Art movements reflect the events and changes in society.  Pupils work in the style of famous Pop Artists and produce a final piece of 3D wall art based on the theme.

During the course of the year pupils are given the opportunity to enter a variety of competitions and are offered Art clubs and workshops.