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Robert Bloomfield

Our VOICE Values

Our VOICE Values were introduced in September 2023 and they built upon the existing, well-established, core values of community, opportunity and excellence. We have augmented these with two additional values of vitality and independence. These words combine to form our V.O.I.C.E. values, aimed at creating students who:

  • V - Vitality: are enthusiastic, energised and healthy

  • O - Opportunity: achieve and experience exciting things

  • I - Independence: develop the skills to succeed in life 

  • C - Community: serve and respect the school community

  • E - Excellence: are the best they can be at all times

Living Our VOICE Values:

As values should not just be words on a wall, they suffuse the school and are integral to many areas, including:

  • Quality of Education - our curriculum intent is predicated on our VOICE values and the inherent importance of oracy required of an institution where the values spell VOICE

  • Teaching and Learning - our lesson planning broadly follow the five part VOICE lesson and opportunities to promote oracy are threaded into teacher planning

  • Behaviour and Attitudes - our VOICE Note reward cards are carried by students every day; they ensure students live our values and are rewarded for doing so.

  • Personal Development - the personal development curriculum is aligned to our values and students are encouraged to live these values at all times

  • Leadership and Management - leaders at all levels are mindful of stakeholder views and listen to understand before addressing any areas for development.