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Robert Bloomfield


VOICE Curriculum Intent:

At Robert Bloomfield Academy, we provide students with a curriculum built upon our VOICE values of vitality, opportunity, independence, community, and excellence.

Vitality drives us to create engaging and dynamic lessons. We believe that learning should be exciting and inspiring; through a variety of activities and resources, we encourage our students to be enthusiastic, active participants in their education. We also recognise the importance of physical and mental health and as such aim to develop healthy habits.

Opportunity underlines our commitment to provide a breadth of experiences for our students to explore and develop their individual strengths. Alongside the academic opportunity to open their minds, know and remember more, we offer our students a diverse extra-curricular provision. Through opportunities both in class and beyond, our personal development curriculum builds students who can thrive.

Independence is key as we believe in empowering our students to take ownership of their learning journey. Through a supportive and nurturing environment, we encourage them to become self-directed learners, capable of setting goals and of taking responsibility for their own progress. We provide them with the tools and skills necessary to become independent thinkers and problem solvers, preparing them for their bright futures.

Community, at our school, means students feeling a sense of belonging and inclusivity as well as being respectful and supportive of the world beyond the school gates. We encourage collaboration, respect, and empathy, creating a supportive community where everyone feels valued and heard. In class, positive relationships are cultivated, ensuring that our learners develop the social skills needed to complete tasks collaboratively.

Excellence is the standard we strive for in all aspects of our curriculum. We have high academic and behavioural expectations for our students and we provide them with the necessary support and guidance to achieve their full potential. That excellence is also seen in how our students conduct themselves and the pride they take in their learning.

Our curriculum aims to empower students to use their voice effectively, our motto is, ‘Our values, your VOICE’. We recognise the importance of oracy and provide opportunities for students to engage in debates, discussions, and presentations. By honing their communication skills, we aim to equip our students with the ability to express themselves clearly, confidently and articulately. 

We believe that by nurturing their voice, we are helping to create respectful, healthy and happy citizens of the future who can go on to achieve wonderful things


If you have any further questions relating to our curriculum, please email us here.