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Robert Bloomfield

Classroom Equipment

Please see below for a list of equipment that is required each day for school. Please also ensure that your child brings a reading book and water bottle to school each day.

We stock these items at a very reduced price at Main Reception (see below).

  • Blue or Black Handwriting pen
  • Pencil 
  • Eraser / sharpener 
  • Green pen for marking (not highlighter)
  • Whiteboard pen
  • Highlighter pen
  • 30cm, clear ruler, with cm and mm
  • 15cm clear ruler
  • Protractor
  • Glue Stick

KS3 only:

  • Casio FX83 GTX or FX85 GTX calculator – available to buy from reception for £9

If your child would like to buy anything, please advise them to come and see us at Break Time.

Prices of the items we have available:

  • Blue Handwriting pens 40p
  • Green biros 20p
  • Rulers 15cm 10p
  • Rulers 30cm 15p
  • Protractors 10p
  • Whiteboard pens 20p
  • Highlighter pens 20p
  • Pencils 5p
  • Erasers 10p
  • Sharpeners 15p
  • Gum Shields £2
  • Scientific Calculators £9 (normal price £15 plus)

While we have spare equipment in classrooms for the odd occasion when a pencil case may be forgotten or mislaid, these must not be relied upon for day-to-day equipment.  

Replacement Student Diaries can also be purchased for £3 and School Ties for £4.50 from Main Reception.

We can only accept cash for these items.  Thank you