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Robert Bloomfield


Pupils in years 5, 6, 7 and 8 receive 1 x one-hour class music lesson per two week cycle of the RBA timetable. 

Teaching is structured within programmes of study centred upon composing, performing, listening, reviewing and evaluating. Specific practical skills and associated knowledge and understanding are focused upon in each lesson. It is the aim of the music curriculum to engage the pupils in the direct response to musical sound through practical work. Pupils become aware of the nature of musical expression and its diversity. They develop the ability to create musical ideas, extend them and respond to them. They also develop verbal, aesthetic and appraisal skills.

The music department enjoys the support of eleven peripatetic instrumental teachers teaching over 40 hours in total each week on a wide range of instruments, voice and music technology. Many of our instrumentalists and singers attend the wide range of music clubs on offer at RBA, perform at our termly solo music concerts, take Associated Board instrumental examinations and participate in county-wide music festivals. Our music clubs (orchestra, string group, brass group, pop choir vocal zone, guitar club, keyboard group etc) all rehearse each week and perform regularly at our termly ensemble music concerts. Some of our musicians also participate in the BEST orchestra and BEST choir which rehearse on alternate weeks and regularly perform at concerts staged by schools within the trust