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Robert Bloomfield

Gender Identity


External Support and Advice


Supports and provides information for transgender and gender-diverse young people (up to and including the age of 19) and their families.

Free webchat service available.

Opening times:

9am - 9pm, Monday - Friday

0808 801 0400

85258 - Mermaids to 85258 (free, 24/7 crisis support)


Mindline Trans+

An emotional and mental health support helpline for anyone identifying as transgender, non-binary, genderfluid (or their family members, friends, colleagues and carers).

Information about call costs available here.

Opening times:

8pm - Midnight, Mondays & Fridays

0300 330 5468


Gendered Intelligence

Works with the transgender community, with an emphasis on supporting young trans people aged 8-25.

Has free resources for trans and gender-questioning young people and their families.



Offers confidential support and advice to members of the LGBT+ community.

Free webchat service also available.

Opening times:

10am - 10pm, 365 days a year

0300 330 0630



Provides information and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people. Information on confidentiality here.

Specialised information for young people available here.

Opening times:

9:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

0800 050 2020



A dedicated LGBT+ anti-violence charity.

Gives advice and support to people who have experienced biphobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexual violence or domestic abuse.

Opening times:

10am - 5pm, Monday - Friday (Open until 8pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays)

0800 999 5428


The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) is England’s only NHS service for children and young people experiencing difficulties in the development of their gender identity. The service has main clinics in London and Leeds, as well as satellite clinics elsewhere across England in places like Exeter.

GIDS has a staged approach to supporting young people. Every young person is different and will be treated as an individual. If your child is referred to GIDS, first they will have a full psychosocial assessment, which is usually three to six appointments with two experts. They will work with your child, and family, to explore your child’s understanding of their gender identity, and to talk about how their feelings may have changed over time, and how they might change in future.