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Robert Bloomfield

Primary - Secondary Consultation

The public consultation regarding the move to primary – secondary is currently open.   The Bedfordshire Schools Trust (BEST) does support the move to primary-secondary envisaged in the materials.  However, it does not support the staggered approach described. 


We believe that a single and fully-co-ordinated move is in the best interests of all children, delivering openness, transparency and choice.  We are keen to hear whether you support our schools and agree with a single, fully-co-ordinated move. 


Please would you click on the link: and complete the single question feedback form.


The risks to your family -

Ø No definitive catchment plans have been put forward by CBC which creates a lack of clarity for you and could jeopardise your child’s ability to secure a place at RBA 

Ø Bus routes will be put at risk and possibly withdrawn altogether if numbers suddenly alter

Ø Vulnerable learners could be denied provision that best meets their needs

Ø Uncertainly for staff creates uncertainly for High Quality Teaching if a split phase approach is agreed – we want a seamless shift into Primary and Secondary to secure outstanding practitioners in CBC.

Ø Funding uncertainly as RBA development will be based on any “left over” funds after the initial phase is financed. This in turn is dependent on suggested future housing growth – recent examples of which have not come to fruition. This puts your child's curriculum into question.  


Bloomfield is about...


  • Protecting the strong academic and pastoral reputation of RBA
  • Moving to a two tier Primary/Secondary model with our community
  • Putting pupil need at the heart of decision making – not pupil placement
  • Delivering an Outstanding  Curriculum and achieving the best possible rates of progression for our learners
  • Listening to the views of parents, staff and community
  • Ensuring tax payers money is spent wisely
  • Continuing to transform the local and national education picture through our Teaching School
  • Further embedding Careers and Aspirations at the Heart of the Bloomfield, Cultural Capital curriculum


Ultimately, you need to make your voice heard, as you see fit. The CBC consultation has too many unanswered questions and needs to be closely scrutinised by the community. We at Bloomfield support the progression of all schools into the 2 tier system - this is not about RBA outdoing any other school - schools speak for themselves. We simply want a coordinated plan from the Local Authority that protects choice and education standards for everyone. 


Make sure your voice is heard!