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Robert Bloomfield

Key Stage 3 Options


Year 8 pupils spend 3 lessons a week studying their options.

The options have the following benefits:

  • Creating a more personalised curriculum, to support pupils in areas they need help with, and to stretch pupils in areas where they excel.
  • To give a broader, more varied curriculum.
  • To provide opportunities which pupils might receive in a large secondary school in Year 8 in a two-tier system. To prepare the pupils for some of the subjects they will encounter at SWA.
  • To give the pupils responsibility for their own learning and give a "dummy run" before their key GCSE options.
  • Parents and pupils can have meaningful conversations about their child's future plans and interests, on a small scale and without pressure of GCSEs.

Year 8 Options

The pupils remain with their options for the year. All pupils will be given a compulsory option, which in most cases will be a second language, and will then opt for other areas. Nearly all pupils will get their first choice, and most will get their second too. All pupils will get one of their first two choices.

Year 7 Options

On a Friday Year 7 children have the opportunity to choose two additional subjects to study throughout the year. One of these choices is an additional foreign language. The children will study their first option for an hour a week until February half term before changing to their second option which they then follow to the end of the school year in July.