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Robert Bloomfield


Throughout the year, all students have had the opportunity of working in the three different areas that make up Engineering - Product Design, Graphic Products and Computer Programming.


Product Design
Pupils spend nine weeks in Product Design developing skills to enable them to use the Computer Aided Design software and Computer Aided Manufacturing equipment available to them at RBA. Pupils are taught how to use Solidworks (an industry standard 3D modelling software) and then they design and manufacture products using a range of state of the art equipment including 3D printers.


Graphic Products
All students have had a nine week "mini GCSE" style project in Graphic Products where they have learnt how to use the basics of industry standard software to produce an original and creative media materials. They use Photoshop and have been introduced to key areas of graphics such as typography and layout in order to gain an awareness of what makes good design.


Computer Programming
In Year 7, students are introduced to the world of Computer Science. We follow the Compute-IT Key Stage 3 course, where students look at all aspects of modern computing. Topics covered include computer components, introduction to programming, The Internet, networks, the World Wide Web and websites.

When students move in to Year 8, they continue to work on the Compute-IT course, and we take the opportunity to enhance their knowledge by study topics in greater depth.

Students have their progress measured by baseline tests throughout the two years of the course.