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Robert Bloomfield

Low concentration skills

Recommendation to improve concentration skills

to finish tasks within allotted time give 10 minute checks; i.e. outline amount of work you expect pupil to complete in this time and check

• give praise/rewards for completion of tasks

• use pupil self monitoring for certain lessons to identify whether work is being completed on time

• provide regular feedback on performance in class

• ensure eye contact when giving key instructions to these pupils

• ask pupil to repeat instructions/explain their understanding of a concept to a peer or teacher

• ensure that the pupil is sitting away from distraction, e.g. traffic areas, materials

• work at availability/positioning of equipment which may distract

• give cues that vital instructions are about to be given

• ensure that the pupil is sitting in a suitable position in the classroom, close to teacher; with easy eye contact

• ensure that there is a quiet area where the pupil may work