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Robert Bloomfield

Remote learning: Stay Safe on line



Communication will always be from an official email address - all staff and students have a professional account, which is controlled by very tight safety checks from the BEST IT team. 

All staff email accounts end with while students end with


Google Chat/ Hangouts

This is a text interactive  based platform part of the Google Education Package, only accessed by secure login from an approved email account.

These can be used by staff to keep in touch with an entire class or form. 

Video is removed from this platform.

All responses are moderated by teacher leading the group

No student can create a group or communicate without Teacher moderation 


Pre-recorded/ Live lessons

Teachers will:

  • Sit against a neutral background
  • Pre-record in an appropriate environment. 
  • Dress will be professional 
  • Use professional language


Phone Calls

Students who do not have access to a computer or the Internet may receive a phone call from their key worker at a prearranged time with parents. 

Teachers will:

  • Do this through parents’ phones only or the land line. We do not hold the details of student mobile numbers and will not collect them
  • Call in school hours
  • Make sure someone else at school is aware, and keep a record of the date and time of each call
  • Have a parent there at the child’s end, and have the phone on speaker phone
  • Use the digital phone system at RBA, accessed, offsite by a secure app, to ensure calls are routed through our main number 01462 628 800, regardless of the device used by staff.


Please ensure you have read our safeguarding pages  here  and are aware of the ways to support your children stay safe online.

Working at home

We would never encourage children to be shut away in bedrooms for hours on end on line. Where possible, encourage your children to work in a safe space in your house (dining room table for example). You are then able to support your children and provide regular passive supervision on the work and content being accessed.

Regular breaks are also to be encouraged. Please look at our lock down links section of this website for other, non IT related ideas for creative home learning and cultural capital experiences. 

It is important that students maintain a balanced diet as well when at home and regular physical exercise, within the limits of your isolation - making use of your garden space (if available) and on line fitness sessions, such as Joe Wicks.