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Robert Bloomfield

On-Line Extra Learning Links


Here we have a selection of online resources for students and families, should you wish to have a look. 



  • Driver Youth Trust - over 50 free resources, designed to help teachers get *all* of their learners engaged with reading, writing, communication
  • Love My Books - Creative, fun activities to support children's literacy
  • No Red Ink  - builds stronger writers through interest-based curriculum, adaptive exercises, and actionable data
  • Discovery Education - Free tool to make your own word puzzles
  • The Reading Realm - Free home learning packs/book and library challenges/quizzes/discussion guides/games and stories written by children for children! You can also now draw/write your own stories, poems, reviews, diaries etc, in the app too
  • IXL - All ages, database of resources
  • Epic - Free 30-day trial - instant access to a range of books (age 12 and under)
  • Audible - Free book with free 30-day trial
  • Nessy - Help for children with Dyslexia - free trial
  • Chris Grabenstein has given permission for teachers to video themselves reading his books online - royalty free
  • CLPE - Free plans, videos, teaching notes for all year groups in primary
  • Elamentari - Write and code interactive stories - free access during school closures
  • Gutenburg - Download free books, e.g. Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Frankenstein, etc.
  • Solomon Kingsnorth - Free books in PDF, Word and audiobook format - Alice in Wonderland / Wind in the Willows / The Railway Children / The Jungle Book / Peter Pan / Black Beauty
  • Hoopla - Public library online


  • EFL - Rivet - Free app recommended for those learning English


  • Bond Bonanza - Free App helping children to move away from counting numbers up to 20 to turn them into instantly recallable number bonds
  • Manga High - Full, free access at this time - Game-based learning
  • First 4 maths - a few free worksheets (Yr 4/Yr6) to help engage children in maths at home - no login and all free
  • My Mini Maths - (Yr 3, 4, 5, 6) Home learning packs ready to download


  • NASA for Kids - Games, latest news about the satellite launches, photos from the space and interviews of astronauts
  • Education Place - Lesson plans for topics including - plants/energy/space/nature
  • ICell - Explore cells - App or online
  • UEN - Interactive science activities 
  • Edhead - Virtual learning online
  • Royal institute - Christmas lectures. A series of lectures presenting scientific subjects to a general audience in an entertaining manner.

Modern Languages

  • KooBits - 10 Free websites for language learning
  • Duo Lingo - A fun way to learn a range of languages


  • BBC - Free curriculum mapped videos
  • University of Alabama - Free online archaeology and Egyptology Uni courses (create an account to log on)
  • Future Learn -  

    Explore the architecture and history of Rome, walking around a 3D digital model of the ancient city, with this free online course.


  • Tutorful - Top Geography websites, YouTube videos, and resources 
  • Virtual Tours  /  Aquarium - Virtual online tours - including zoos, landmarks in foreign countries, etc.
  • BREEF - Coral reef virtual tour
  • Seterra - Free world geography, online quizzes 

Arts and culture

  • Walter's Museum - houses the highest artistic achievements from nearly every corner of the world


  • ICompute - I.T. Learn Programming and Computational Thinking resources


  • Music Gurus - Free resources that everyone can use for the next 30 days 

Movement and exercise

  • iMoves - Free, fun activities to get children moving

SEND specific websites

    • ChatterPack Free resources, articles and an A-Z information directory of SEND information
    • Down Syndrome - A list of resources to support learners with Down Syndrome and their families
    • SEN resources blog - Advice, learning activities and recommended toys, books, and resources for children with SEND
    • Tobiidynavox 10 weeks of free content, levelled and thematic units created with Boardmaker - books, communication supports, speech/language activities for students with communication difficulties and SEND
    • Accessibite - Free apps to support students who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, have reading difficulties
    • SENDcast - Podcasts on sensory processing and dyslexia 
    • ALN Home School - Resources for parents of children with additional needs 
    • EasterSeals - Free visual timetable resources - to help with school closures  
    • Autcraft - A modulated and monitored, online site for autistic children and young people
    • Reader Pen - A pen scanner for those with reading difficulties - that reads text out aloud in English/Spanish/French - Free 14 day trial - Sign up here

Websites offering resources for multiple subjects

  • EYFS and Primary
    • Academics - Games based on a range of subjects 
    • CrickWeb - Free, online educational resources and games 
    • Kapow  - Art, music, IT, languages, relationships, wellbeing -14-day free trial
    • TTS - Free downloadable primary packs covering a range of subjects
    • Actively learn - standards-aligned assignments in ELA, science & social studies are now free for teachers through the end of the school year. 
    • TES - A range of free resources  
    • Twinkl - Free access to all Twinkl resources for schools and parents for a month


  • Boromi - Sign up for free daily play emails - an offline, home play activity using everyday materials sent daily (+ printable) - EYFS teachers/parents/ carers
  • Adapt - Free revision app - available from Google Play and App Store
  • Kidztype - Games to improve typing skills
  • Open Learn - Free, online courses, Open university 
  • ChatterPack  - Free resource - Developing children's vocabulary
  • Fun at home - Learning videos on a range of topics/ages

Lesson/learning tools

  • Britannica - free access for the whole time your school might need it. Teachers can set packs of content, create lessons, send/receive homework online
  • Socrative apps FREE access to all schools and students until 31st July 2020 - Fun and effective tools to gauge student understanding in real-time. 
  • Ed For Learning - Free access to curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments across the subject areas. Content is carefully scaffolded
  • Diagnostic Questions - An assessment tool that provides detailed insights into student understanding - Free trial
  • Expeditions App - Free virtual Reality Augmentation app for all ages, to take virtual trips around the world to hundreds of destinations.

Support for families - ideas for activities, advice and learning tools

  • A list of free, online resources for adults isolated at home
  • Non-screen activities to do at home - Pobble
  • Learning activities for the garden- Nature detectives - Woodland Trust
  • 50 ideas of activities to do at home - ABC Does
  • Supporting learning at home - Dr Janet Goodall - Pinterest