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Robert Bloomfield

How do I get into school?

We are asking that students arrive no earlier than 8:30Breakfast club is available from 8am until 8.30am.  please contact the school to book a place for your child as numbers are limited.

Students arriving on foot or by bus will follow this plan and will walk at socially distant intervals, following markings on the footpath to their assigned Year Bubbles/zones. Members of staff will be on duty to support any child who is confused.

Year Bubbles

Clearly defined Year Bubbles are planned. Students will not mix outside of their year groups and will have distinct routes into and out of school, again as a year group, separated into specific areas for break and lunch.

The DfE recommends that mixing within a year is permittable for the teaching of bespoke sets such as English and Maths or intervention/ catch up. Students will not mix across year groups.

We will use the field during lunch tim,es to give the pupils more space.

Routes around school

All routes are clearly signposted across the site on the ground and by posters on the walls.


School Buses

Please contact or 0300 300 8339 for specific enquiries about your child’s route and timetable. 

We will ensure students are separated by year on all transport and will follow the guidance from Central Beds Council. 



Cars cannot enter the RBA site, either on Bloomfield Drive or through Kingfisher Estate. 


Walking from Bloomfield Drive 


  • To ease crowding, RBA Families will NOT escort students into school.  ADULTS will stop at the bottom of Bloomfield Drive.
  • RBA staff will be stationed on Bloomfield Drive to direct pupils and help the new year 5.
  • RBA students will walk, 2m apart, up the LEFT side of Bloomfield Drive (as if you are standing at the foot of BD looking up towards the school)
  • RBA Students will use the SECOND GATE to enter the RBA Site
  • SLS Families will walk on the RIGHT side of Bloomfield Drive and escort their younger children to SLS via the pathway.
  • This pathway leading from Bloomfield Drive to Acorn and SLS is ONE WAY ONLY as indicated here
  • Families will leave SLS site via School Lane, completing a full circle back to the Ampthill Road
  • This one way system will be in operation between 8am à 9:30am and 3:15pm à 4:15pm


  • SLS/Acorn Families will use the RIGHT side of Bloomfield Drive to walk to SLS for collection.
  • SLS/Acorn Families will follow the pathway to SLS and then wait for instructions from the SLS staff.
  • SLS/ Acorn Families will continue through SLS site and leave via School Lane, returning to Ampthill Road.
  • SLS/ Acorn Families will NOT return back down the pathway, as it is one way only.
  • RBA students using Bloomfield Drive will leave through the SECOND gate, cross the road with supervision and walk DOWN Bloomfield Drive.
  • Parents are asked NOT to congregate on Bloomfield Drive but to socially distance themselves if waiting to collect their child towards the foot of Bloomfield Drive and into Ampthill Road.