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Robert Bloomfield

Staff CPD - Overview

Our core business in school is to help young people to learn and remember what they have learnt. Over recent years, there has been lots of research and discussion from cognitive science and psychology that detail how best to remember things. Therefore, our internal CPD programme will be focused on 'mastering memory' and examining how pupils learn.

Throughout the academic year, we will focus all CPD in school on how we learn and the most effective ways of embedding knowledge into our long-term memory. Each half term, we would focus on another area identified as supporting long-term retention and revision. Each half term would follow a similar format, pre-reading on a particular topic, session delivered by a member of staff about the science behind this method and what it looks like in the classroom and then time for departments to “trial” one of these methods. It may be that this method does not work for the particular department, there is no expectation that each of these methods are embedded into the subject curriculum and some methods will work better for certain subject areas. However, it should mean that there is a professional dialogue around what worked and the limitations and why this might be. How might it change our practice long term?


Our Staff CPD Site is up to date with the latest Pod casts, Staff Sessions, local and national training partnerships. Our mission is to continue to be the very best we can be in a constantly evolving society.


To ensure that we allow staff to develop to their full potential, to drive whole school improvement, whilst considering workload, the following points should underpin a comprehensive CPD programme at RBA:

  1. Keep teachers consistently informed about whole-school teaching and learning priorities, rather than saving it all for staff training.
  2. Create a voluntary CPD programme, driven by teachers, that caters to the whole-school teaching priorities, but allows them choice in the matter.
  3. Provide opportunities for subject-knowledge enhancement and leadership training, by creating internal programmes and utilising external organisations.